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Why Buy TAS Screen Printing Machines?

Why buy TAS?

TAS screen printing machines are recognised worldwide as extremely reliable machines, simple to operate and with very low running and maintenance costs. This is not just an accident, it is our philosophy and our intention at all times to keep these costs as low as possible.

How do we do this?

Firstly, all components used have a test period where they are put under actual test conditions for a period of 4 million operations, and then assessed for wear and tear. Only then will we decide if they meet our exacting standards.
Secondly, the parts tested and finally used in the manufacture of our machines are always checked to see if they are readily available world wide so that you, the end user, can obtain them locally to where you are , quickly and without too much down time.
You can purchase your spare parts direct from TAS at any time via our web site by clicking here.

Cost of replacement parts

Of all the parts used in a TAS machine 85% can be purchased locally, anywhere in the world.
At TAS, we use standard,off the shelf components where possible to save you, the end user, time and money.
It is our promise to you that TAS will at all times keep the cost of our spare parts down to an absolute minimum.

Engineering Design

Our machines have built an unparalleled reputation for reliability over many years of production.
We are always looking at new products to improve on the components we use but the criteria for acceptance of any new items is tough and if they are to be used they must:

a) Improve the performance of the component they are replacing
b) Be a stronger design and last longer.
c) Be cost effective.

Printing Registration Accuracy

Registration with a TAS machine is as accurate as half the thickness of a single strand of hair and will remain so for the life time of use. (30 years or more) This can only be achieved with a rigid machine base and rotor /stator assemble. TAS only use: solid ground and hardened Aluminium pallets that will last a life time under normal use.
All components that are a part of the stator and rotor assembly are wash ground before being powder coated to make certain everything is completely flat and accurate.
This commitment to strong engineering principles has given TAS the reputation of being the very best you can buy in screen printing machines.

Simple to Operate

How easily an operator can understand and use our machine is of vital importance to us at TAS and this is forms the basis of how we designed and produced our Touch Panel Control (TPC) The TPC on a TAS is the control centre and while we use state of the art electronics to manage the functions of the machine, we have managed to maintain it's simplicity by it's clever design.

Safety Features

Safety of the operator using our machine is of paramount importance, so along with the use of safety cables around the machine which, when disengaged will stop the machine, we also use a laser beam across the load and unload area for additional safety of the operator.

Printing Speed (Garments printed per hour)

There has been much said about how fast a machine can print but the facts remain that on average a person loading a complete Tee Shirt will average around 450-500 garments per hour. TAS machines will index at speeds of up to 900 cycles per hour, far exceeding this number.

Our Pledge To You

We ENSURE quality and long life reliability

  • We will not use designs that aren`t fully tested
  • We use standards to save you time and money
  • We provide instant online technical support
  • Our machines are primarily constructed from steel for its unparallel durability
  • Our aluminium pallets will last a life time
  • We keep our machines user-friendly and simple to operate
  • Safety comes first for you and your employees, and we prioritise it
  • Speed! Greater speed means greater efficiency for you

    It`s simply impossible for us to list all our benefits. Please feel free to contact us for further details. We`ll be happy to answer your every question. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction, and once you tried our machine, you`ll understand why.


    We were stretched to the limit with our manual printing machines so we purchased a TAS Compact 8 and we have never been happier. So easy to use and to operate , set up is a's just unbelievable!!!!

    Ray Read, R & B Promotional Printing, Australia

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